29 Incredible Strategies on How to Find Blog Post Ideas Today

Starting a blog is easy. All you need is a hosting platform, a few ideas, and a regular stream of content.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Yes, starting a blog is relatively easy. The difficult part is running it with new content week after week.

For the first few weeks, a newcomer blogger will have scores of ideas for new posts but soon these ideas start to fade. Worse still, you will realize that your ideas are not getting you an audience or traffic.

After all, what’s the use of a blog if you can’t reach people? The ultimate aim has to be to get more readers, traffic, and consequently revenue, right? 

Ask any experienced blogger how to brainstorm blog post ideas and almost everyone will have a different answer. That’s because no ONE way is the right way, no ONE trick is the only trick.

Some bloggers post their personal experiences, some share anecdotes, others believe in following the hashtag trends. Many also use blog topic generators to help them with ideas. 

Basically, you need a system to keep the blog content ideas coming. If you are solely relying on your mind and your experiences, you will soon be fatigued. But if you come up with a plan for unique blog ideas then your blog will see traffic and you will earn revenue too.

That being said, in this article we look at incredible tips and tricks on how to find blog post ideas and how creating captivating content around high demand blog topics is vital to success.

Now, let’s Find out How we can Find Out Blog Post Ideas and system Techniques.

How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts Ideas?

Before I answer that question let me tell you the truth – there is no Aladdin’s lamp or a blog post ideas generator that’ll always work.

Hence, you cannot rely on one method for blog title ideas. You will have to use different resources available at your disposal, try a few permutations and combinations before you know what works best for your blog.

It is going to take some time getting used to but if you dedicatedly search for interesting blog topics, you will never run out of ideas.

There are hundreds of ways in which you can find interesting blog topics but we shall focus on the 29 best ideas on how to find blog post ideas consistently.

Using Blog Post Ideas Generator Tools

This list is for those who want to come up with content ideas for blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

#1 Google it Out

The best place to begin your search for blog post topics is of course Google.

It works especially well when you have long-tail keywords. Simply put the search query and wait for the results to pop up.

Google it Out Blog Post Ideas

For Example- I have searched for the term “how to start a blog” in the search box.

You should hold your finger still before clicking Enter. The ideas you’re seeking are all listed within the dropdown menu.

As a result, I have lots of ideas for blog posts, including how to start a blog for free, how to start a blog and make money, and others.

Google it Out Blog Post Ideas Drop

Simply by looking at the search results, You will be able to get scores of ideas.

Here’s an additional tip – Keep an eye out for the ‘search for similar topics’ link at the bottom of the page, which will direct you to other related topics.

Google it Out Blog Post Ideas Similar Topics

#2 Take Help from Google Images

You may call it an absurd idea but once you use Google Images to search for blog topics, you will see how effective it is. 

Here’s how you do it. 

Google Images Blog Post Ideas

Start your search by typing in a broad topic in Google Images

Now, instead of looking at the images, look at the suggested tags.

These are terms that the search engines consider very close to your keyword.

Now, combine one of the tags with your keyword like “keto diet meal plan”, “keto diet weight loss”, and more.

This time you will come across popular blog topics. Keep doing this until you have ideas for a few topics. 

#3 Reddit Keyword Research Tool

This is a great keyword tool for blog topic suggestions, especially when you are interested to know what people are talking about. What are the current trends that are popular among your readers? What are the current blogging trends you are missing out on?

All you need to do is go to the subreddit a list of keywords and voila! You get lots of answers instantly!

Reddit Keyword Research Tool

I tried using the tool with the simple keyword ‘cooking’. The result gave an insight into the associated keywords that are currently trending.

Reddit Keyword Research Tool Results

Additionally, They also display the Monthly Search Volume which is very useful.

#4 The Exploding Topics Tool

Another idea generator tool is the Exploding Topics Tool. I have often used this to get the ‘first-mover advantage’ as searching for new topics is quite easy using this tool. 

Exploding Topics Tool Blog Post Ideas

As a free tool, it lets you scan for topics that are still getting popular and also allows you to run a niche keyword search. 

So if you are looking for marketing blog ideas that are also unique, this is the best place to start searching.

Exploding Topics Tool Keyword Search Blog Post Ideas

When I searched for Digital Marketing, I got not just the trends for the keyword but also details about its popularity. 

Next time I want to write about Digital Marketing, I will know how to go about it.

#5 Use Tweak You Biz Title Generator

Tweak Your Biz’s Title Generator is another tool that can help you to generate blog topic ideas for different blog posts.

If it is a noun or verb, enter the topic or keyword.

Use Tweak You Biz Title Generator

Hundreds of blog title ideas will be provided for your consideration.

As an example, I searched for cricket shoes, and below are the results.

Use Tweak You Biz Title Generator Blog Post Ideas

There are numerous content types within the list, including lists, best-of lists, how-tos, and questions.

You may not know how each title approaches your topic, but that’s a good thing! By finding different approaches, it frees your brain from having to come up with new ideas so you do not have to try and come up with new ones.

To keep track of all titles, you can copy and paste them into a spreadsheet or document.

#6 Facebook Ad Library

Another untapped resource to search for different topics for blogs is the Facebook Ad Library.

Facebook Ad Library Blog Post Ideas

Searching here for blog ideas is quite simple. Begin by searching for a FB page of your niche. 

For Example- I ran a search for ‘SemRush’ and got these Ads results. Check them out.

Facebook Ad Library Search Blog Post Ideas

Along with the displayed results, you will see traditional ads, as well as Facebook, boosted posts (these promote specific posts). 

Now, concentrate only on the boosted posts because they are promoted content which means someone is paying to have them displayed to you. 

Facebook Ad Library Active Ads Blog Post Ideas

Since their readability is high, you will get lots of ideas from them. 

#7 Amazon Look Inside

Another great tool for blog post ideas for beginners is the Amazon Look Inside tool. 

All you need to do is search for a general topic on the search box.

To find ideas for blog posts, You need to first go to the Amazon website.

Amazon Look Inside Search Blog Post Ideas

Next, you’ll need to enter your search terms. For instance, I searched for marketing books and hit the enter key.

Your search has returned lots of results related to your keyword, as you can see below.

Amazon Look Inside Marketing Books Blog Post Ideas

This way you will filter out the results with mostly negative reviews. Now you can look at book suggestions that work best for you. 

Amazon Look Inside Blog Post Ideas

Now, look at only the results that come with the ‘Look Inside’ logo. Click on it and get the results.

Amazon Look Inside Table of Contents Blog Post Ideas

Additionally, you can also look at the table of contents to get further ideas about topics. 

Now you can instantly create several new topics just from one Amazon Look Inside suggestion. 

I have often used this when I don’t have new ideas and have found it to be very helpful.

You know what the suggested search on Google looks like but there is another goldmine that few people have explored.

Its Pinterest Suggested Search is a lot like Google search but shows you a different set of ideas that are popular among this extensive and fast-growing community.

Pinterest Suggested Search

Simply enter an appropriate search term in the search box and a list will appear below.

#9 Twitter

There isn’t a more volatile social media platform than Twitter. You have access to the latest news, trending topics, and hashtags here.

However, did you know that you can also use the platform to find blog ideas?

But for that, you should have aced the use of hashtags. Because finding anything on Twitter is almost impossible without the right hashtag. 

You can search for broad topic ideas using hashtags. 

For example, if you are looking for blog topics for students, type keywords related to education and colleges and see the results immediately pop up. 

Search Twitter

A trick I regularly use – I bookmark the keywords that match my interest so that I can explore the topics later.

#10 Google AdWords Keyword Planner

While you may already be using Google AdWords Keyword Planner to look up search volumes, get keyword ideas, and so on.

But, Do You Know?

You can also use it to search for topic inspiration by pasting URLs or keywords. 

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Using the search box, I searched for teeth whitening or dental and clicked on the get results button.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Serached

The results of the search will be displayed in an organized table.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Results

By doing so, you will get search results similar to your published content.

#11 Ubersuggest

Similarly, this is also a highly ranked keyword research tool, like Google Keyword Planner.

UberSuggest Research Tool

By using this tool, you can brainstorm your keyword ideas, search for keywords, and get relevant SEO ideas for your blog.

Enter any keyword or blog topic you are looking for.

UberSuggest Research Tool Keyword

Once you press enter, you’ll see a detailed overview of that keyword.

UberSuggest Research Tool Search Result

Additionally, you will get the all-important information about your searched keyword to help you with social media marketing strategy, SEO, and content marketing.

UberSuggest Research Tool Keyword Ideas

To view all keyword ideas, click on the “view all keyword ideas” button, and hell lots of topic ideas appear in the list.

UberSuggest Research Tool View More Results

You can simply export all keywords in CSV format or simply you can copy them to the clipboard too.

Ubersuggest is a simple but resourceful tool that has helped me in tough times.

Let’s explore other blogging and content writing ideas now.

Other Blogging and Content Writing Ideas

If you want to create a successful blog, then you should follow some blogging ethics, since following ethical practices will provide your blog with a social boost.

#12 Find Out What Readers Want

Many writers think that whatever they write will be read by readers. 

That is likely to occur at first, especially if social media marketing is done well. 

However, after a while, you will have to find out what the readers want. 

As a writer of a tech blog, you should consider topics your readers will be interested in, such as product reviews, the latest apps, and technological advances.

But don’t take it for granted. You can find out. 

Engage them, interact with them, and listen to them.

#13 Keep a Check on Your Competitors

Sometimes the best ideas and inspiration can come from your competitors. 

We are all surviving and making space for ourselves in the web world which is ‘wide’. 

So, while looking for blog ideas for writers know your competitors and what they are blogging about. 

You can instantly find trending topics that you would otherwise miss.

#14 Know What Your Readers Are Browsing

Know What Your Readers Are Browsing

When searching for the most popular blog topics, make sure you understand your readers. 

Create an ecosystem that treats them equally. Those days are long gone when audiences were fed whatever was presented to them. 

Currently, they decide what to read/browse and only do so at their discretion. 

To understand what your readers are reading, you need to know what they’re reading. 

  • What blogs do they follow regularly?
  • What are the topics they find interesting? 

You need to know these things. 

#15 Run an Email Campaign

Run an Email Campaign

This is probably one of the simplest tricks in the book. By now, you should have a mailing list of your readers. (If not, get to work right now!) 

Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing in today’s times and a single email when opened can boost your blog’s readability by degrees. 

If you are looking for an answer to how to find content for the blog, email your readers and ask them to help you. 

Run a survey, question them, and collate the answers. You will soon have a pool of resources ready to be explored. 

#16 Be Candid With Your Readers

The signs of a good blogger aren’t the amount of information they share through their posts. 

It also isn’t about how consistent they are with their posts.

But when you manage to create a special bond with them, that’s a sign that you are doing it right as a blogger. 

Ask yourself – are you being able to get candid with them. 

When you share a candid relationship with them, you can ask them to help you out with ideas, you can take their advice and they can share their honest feedback without getting blocked. 

#17 Post About Behind-The-Scene Details

When looking for blog series examples, a good idea is to come up with a series plan for your blog. 

If you are working on an exhaustive topic, split them up into multiple blog entries. 

This way you will be able to upload new blogs every few days which will keep your readers occupied for some time. 

But once that’s done, you can take the series a step further by posting behind-the-scene details.

You can write about your experiences in writing the topic, challenges you faced collecting information, people you interacted with for authenticating the ideas, and so on. 

#18 Look for Errors in Your Strategy

Look for Errors in Your Strategy

Whenever you are searching for a new topic, remember that you may be making a mistake while choosing them. 

But that’s okay. Making mistakes is a part of life. 

What’s important is to identify them and improve upon your strategy. 

You must analyze your blog posting strategy and see if you are doing the right thing. 

When you know you are making mistakes, you will be able to rectify them. 

#19 Go Back To Your Old Posts

Go Back To Your Old Posts

Some may argue that there is no point looking back at the past but when in the past there are chronicled journals of your achievements and mistakes, it is better to look back at them. 

While searching for blog post ideas for writers, look back at your old posts to find new inspiration.  

#20 Revisit Old Ideas with New Angle

Revisiting old topics and ideas works well when you are searching for technical blog topics, you can re-write on old topics but from a fresh perspective. 

This trick works well in tech blogs since there are so many new advancements in the field that deserves to be freshly written about. 

You can write about a gadget that you had earlier reviewed but post about its new features.

#21 Use Yearly Guides For Your Blog

When you are working in a competitive niche it can get difficult to ace your performance on the search engine results page (SERP). 

Instead of trying to beat the odds with quality content every time, try this trick. 

Use yearly guides, such as ‘Best SEO Tips for 2022”. Adding the current year will allow you to downsize your competition. 

#22 Work with Low-Competition Keywords

While going through the article title generator, remember the importance of keywords. 

Using a low competition keyword will allow you to find space in a competitive sphere. 

For example, if looking for lifestyle blog post ideas, use any keyword research tools just to track the low competitive keywords. 

However, take note of the fact that not all low-competitive ones will generate revenue.

#23 Check Blog Comments

Check Blog Posts Comment

While trying to find the answer to “how to find ideas for blog posts” we often ignore a goldmine sitting right in front of us – the comment section of our blogs. 

Often readers ask questions, want you to write about something else, seek additional information – these are all brand new blog post ideas for you.

#24 Use Listicles

Use Listicles

We have all read ’10 Easy Fix…”, “22 Ways to…” etc. 

They are very popular as it allows readers to spend less time on a blog post yet get more information. 

Whether you are writing your first blog post for a business or you are looking for blog series examples, listicles always work. 

#25 Analyze Your Competitor’s Performance

Keep a Check on Your Competitors

While looking for blog subjects, do not forget to analyze your competitor’s performance. 

It’s not just about acknowledging their existence but also about keeping track of their performance. 

From finding out their most popular blog topics list to finding their blog questions, you can get a lot of insight from your competitors.

#26 Re-launch Old Content

So what if a particular blog post did not do well before. You can always revisit and work on it again. 

As a beginner, you will have had rough patches. 

But now when things are better, you can get fun blog ideas from your old content. 

Use media monitoring tools to track patterns and trends. 

This way you can almost predict what the readers will want a month later! This is a sure-shot way to get blog post ideas for beginners. 

#28 Participate in Online Discussions

In forums like Quora, social media platforms like Facebook users discuss topics and issues. 

Even if you do not participate in these discussions, do follow them. You can get blog ideas for students or blog post ideas lifestyle – basically topics about anything you want. 

#29 Use Free Blog Content Title Generator

Finally, it is important to mention the effectiveness of title generators. 

If you are close to banging your head against the wall, try this instead. You can get blog post ideas for beginners using title generator tools. 

But before you start using such tools, you must have a general idea of what you want. 

If looking for blog topics for students, you should have some idea of what exactly you want. 

You can get blog writing format class 11 or even other blog examples from title generator tools. 

FAQs Related to How to Find Blog Post Ideas

What would be the best blog post idea?

Topics that are trending in your niche are the best blog post ideas.

Search for the topic you want to write about in Google Trends and you’ll see the trend graph.

A graph whose popularity is growing is a good topic, but if the graph’s popularity is decreasing, then it’s likely that the topic has lost interest.

It is safe to say that some timeless topics will never go out of fashion since they will always be at the forefront of people’s minds.

Why a blog post idea is as important as a blog post?

Before writing a post, you must first come up with an idea.

If anyone writes a blog post then the writer should anticipate whether or not the post will be valuable to the audience or whether their audience will read that post.

A wise choice of blog post topic is always essential.

How do great blog ideas increase your readership?

Your blog idea is the first step in getting more readers if you want to increase readership.

Your blog posts should include lots of details, including excellent titles, photos, keywords, links, social sharing buttons, etc.

Why audience engagement is important for generating good blog ideas?

To come up with good blog post ideas, audience engagement will be your most important factor because the audience is who will engage with your blog and give you feedback.

What is the best place for me to record all of those post ideas?

To keep track of all your blog post ideas, I recommend using a spreadsheet program like Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

The idea of creating a mindmap and recording all your blog post ideas can be done as well.

Where do you think that the best place is to get ideas for blog posts from the above list?

In the above paragraph, “#13 Keep a Check on Your Competitors” provides insight into what to write about for your blog when it comes to your competitors’ blogs.

You should pay attention to what they write, how they write, and why they write.

Outcome For How to Find Blog Post Ideas

Many enthusiastic bloggers have turned their hobby into a profession. Many have a team that helps them, scout, for ideas. 

There are also marketing experts who help promote blogs. There is no doubt that blogs can generate revenue and more importantly Organic traffic. 

If you are serious about blogging, you first need relevant titles. Without that, there is no way forward. Find the right topic and start blogging right away!

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