9+ Best Reasonable Bluehost Alternatives Hosting Option

Are you disappointed by Bluehost hosting service and looking for the most reliable and affordable Bluehost Alternatives?

If your answer is Yes, then you have landed on the right page.

From the past year wordpress has become the most popular and easiest way to create websites. However it will provide you its potential with a good hosting service.

BlueHost may be famous but it can’t be the best choice. So today, I am going to review the top 9 Bluehost Alternatives and Why you need to acknowledge them.

In this post, I’ll share remarkable features, why it is better than BlueHost and more. If you’re in a hurry for the best recommendation then click here to get the best winner for Best Bluehost Alternatives.

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Why should you consider Bluehost Alternatives?

Bluehost is a popular web hosting service in the blogging industry, and even wordpress also recommends this company hosting.

When EIG obtains Bluehost, everyone’s perspective got changed for their service, and now people are desiring the past Bluehost servicing.

You might be thinking of What is EIG, Let me tell you the full name Endurance International Group. 

Their primary business is purchasing every possible hosting company and earning from those in the markets.

Some of the leading hosting brands like Ipage, Fatcow, Justhost, etc. are all handled by EIG.

You can know more companies controlled by EIG.

Recently Bluehost getting some negative comments from multiple social media handles for their services. 

For proof, I have joined some of the WordPress Site Facebook groups and read some of the discussion going on Bluehost web hosting service.

Here is what I found as a result.

Bluehost review page of site is down

And with some more investigation, I found a website where 798 hosting reviews of Bluehost customers rated it on five measures: user-friendliness, price, reliability, tech support, software, and uptime.

If we talk about those reviews, then 56% of customers gave one or two-star ratings, and on the other side, 24% gave it four or five-star ratings.

You almost get an idea that approx 60% of customers were unsatisfied with Bluehost service.

So, now you have got a better perception of why you should choose Bluehost as an alternative.

Let’s now move on to the topic and discuss some of the best and reasonable hosting providers, which can be good alternatives for Bluehost.

So Now Let’s get started with our list :

Topmost Nine Bluehost Alternatives For 2021

1. GreenGeeks (Leading Economical Bluehost Alternative)

Greengeeks web hosting picture

Greengeeks is the leading Bluehost Alternatives in our list. and a well-known brand today in the WordPress blogging industry with its superior speed in website performance and 24/7 Outstanding Live Support.

They offer automatic wordpress installation in one click, manage wordpress updates automated, high-performance Litespeed servers, and Free Content Delivery Network (CDN), which delivers 99.99% uptime as compared to Bluehost.

Greengeeks hosted over 500000+ websites on their servers, and 40000+ customers loved it.

Let me tell you that I am also in love with their service because currently, BloggingScape is too hosted on Greengeeks.

If we talk about support compared to the Bluehost, then the Greengeeks has a High Rated support system.

They hardly take a minute to respond to your query.

Greengeeks Support

Remarkable Features Of Greengeeks -

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Fastest Litespeed Cache In Built
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Nightly Backup
  • Excellent Customer Support

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in Greengeeks?

Greengeeks offers three plans Lite, Pro, and Premium. If you have just started a blog and a tight budget, you can go for Lite Plan with Standard Performance.

If you’re planning to buy a 2x Performance Pro Plan, then you can upgrade to this plan anytime.

If you have a high traffic website, you can proceed to Premium Plan with features like 4x Performance and a Free Dedicated IP.

How Greengeeks is better than BlueHost

Bluehost 3.7 / 5 3.5 / 5
Greengeeks 4.9 / 5 4.9 / 5

Greengeeks is a highly-performance web server with complete features. It enhances your website speed, and I highly recommend you to go with this because it’s the most reliable hosting compared to Bluehost.

Do you know?

If you are stuck somewhere on your website development and looking for help, then Greengeeks will fulfill this requirement with the help of WordPress Hosting Specialists.

Some of the bloggers also recommend Greengeeks.

Greengeeks review 1
Greengeeks review 2
Greengeeks review 3
Greengeeks review 4

Now, You have seen some real customer experience of Greengeeks. So Why don’t you give it a try to Greengeeks because they provide lots of excellent features at this fair price?

2. A2 Hosting (#2 Bluehost Alternative)

A2hosting web hosting picture

A2 Hosting provides optimized wordpress hosting at an affordable price and it’s consider as the best Bluehost Alternatives.

It uses turbo servers to deliver the fastest hosting experience, and It claims that the loading speed of your website is up to 20X faster than other hosting providers.

A2 Hosting was the first to offer Solid State Drives (SSDs) that makes your page load faster and manage your extensive traffic.

They provide a hassle-free 30 days money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their hosting services.

Isn’t it awesome? You can cancel it anytime within 30days, and you’ll receive a full refund to your same source.

A2 Hosting support is much better than Bluehost. It provides a rapid response with each detail of the query with pdfs and source links.

You can install some top platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, Cubecart, B2evolution, WooCommerce in just one-click.

Remarkable Features Of A2 Hosting -

  • Litespeed Cache Included
  • Free Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Hassle-Free Money Back Policy
  • Guru Crew Support 24/7
  • Turbo Max Server
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free & Easy Site Migration

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting offers four plans Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max. If you are a newbie and just started, then you can go with a startup plan where you can host a single website.

If your website is having the proper amount of traffic, then you can give a try to Drive and Turbo Boost Plan where you can host unlimited websites.

And, If your website has massive traffic, then you should go with the Turbo max plan where you can use 5X More Resources and many more.

How A2 Hosting is better than BlueHost

Bluehost4.6 / 53.4 / 5
A2 Hosting4.0 / 54.7 / 5

A2 Hosting renewals are cheaper than the BlueHost, and if you want to run your blog smoothly individually or as a digital marketer, then It’s for you.

If you are one of those who is frustrated from Bluehost loading speed and looking for Best Bluehost Alternatives, then you can go with A2 Optimized Turbo Technology to give the fastest loading speed.

3. HostGator (Cheapest Bluehost Alternative)

hostgator web hosting picture

Hostgator is the reliable & recognizable hosting service provider. Its user interface is so easy to use that any newbie can also understand it and launch your website in 10 minutes.

It offers the most flexible hosting option in the market, and plans are suitable for newbie bloggers and small businesses.

They offer the free domain name for the one year plus free SSL Certificate too. So thats why Hostgator is Best Bluehost Alternatives available in the market.

And If you have decided to transfer your website from your previous hosting to Hostgator, then you can proceed with this Hostgator team’s help free of cost. 

After a couple of days using their hosting service, if you’re not happy with their service, you can ask for the full refund within 45 Days anytime.

Hostgator’s live support system is horrible, like Bluehost, but if you are looking for substitute contact, contact them via the call support system for immediate help.

Remarkable Features Of HostGator -

  • Easy-to-use cPanel
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free .com domain for 1-year.
  • Unlimited Domains & Email Account(s)
  • Free CloudFlare CDN plugin
  • Free Website Transfer

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in HostGator?

Hostgator offers four plans: Starter, Hatchling, Baby, and Business.

If you’re starting a blogging journey, then you can go with Starter or Hatchling Plan, where you can host a single website.

If your website is hitting a massive amount of traffic and thinking to add more domains, you can go with the Baby or Business Plan.

How HostGator is better than BlueHost

Bluehost4.6 / 53.5 / 5
HostGator4.8 / 54.0 / 5

Hostgator built on premium servers powered by Intel Xeon-E5 Dual Quad-Core Processors ensures the best uptime and availability.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and trusted hosting provider, then Hostgator is always recommended as Best Bluehost Alternatives because it offers affordable pricing then Bluehost.

However, you feel it is costly right now also. Further, you can choose a shared web hosting plan to cut down the money.

Hostgator keeps every user in mind to give the best service at a low price with top-notch features. So go and Click on the below button to grab most affordable Bluehost Alternatives Now.

4. DreamHost Hosting (Cheap & Trusted Bluehost Alternative)

dreamhost web hosting picture

DreamHost is a nearly 25 years old hosting company, and more than 1.5 million domains hosted on their platform.

It has the most popular shared hosting plan, which is always recommended by every pro blogger for a newbie blogger.

Do you know?

WordPress themselves also suggest it to them, If i talk about Siteground(which is accepted), but in the case of Bluehost reference, it is a questionable option.

They offer lots of features in small price tags such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, Backup, and free SSL certificate.

So if you are looking for cheap and reliable hosting, then it is the best Bluehost alternative, which doesn’t cost your extra pennies while renewing the plan.

The most impressive feature of DreamHost is that if you aren’t satisfied with their services, you can ask for a full refund within 97 Days. While in other BlueHost Alternatives it’s for 30 Days.

Remarkable Features Of DreamHost -

  • Pre Installed WordPress
  • Light-footed SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 97 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Average Uptime 99.94%
  • Free .com Domain Included
  • No Extra Cost For Renewal
  • Daily Automated Backups

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in DreamHost?

DreamHost offers two shared Hosting plans Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited.

If you are starting, then you can go with a shared starter plan which offers free ssl, free domain name and you can host a single website.

If your website is hitting massive traffic or you want to host more domains, you can go with a shared Unlimited plan that offers unlimited domains to host, free domain name, and limitless email addresses.

How DreamHost is better than BlueHost



Bluehost4.6 / 53.5 / 5
DreamHost4.2 / 53.6 / 5

DreamHost is excellent, starting for the new bloggers and small businesses.

They don’t track bandwidth or traffic. So you don’t need to worry about the annoying, overused fee.

Customer support is limited to only a few hours during the week, and there’s no cPanel offered to move sites yourself automatically.

The primary feature I loved about them is that there’s no price increase when you are going to renew your plan.

So if you are thinking of buying their plan, then you better go with them and enjoy their most dynamic loading speed of the website.

5. FastComet (Stable And Solid Hosting)

fastcomet web hosting picture

FastComet is the web hosting company that offers user-friendly features, support, and budget-friendly pricing.

It claims that FastComet is rated higher in the average Uptime and ultra-fast loading time. 

Recently, FastComet reduced its pricing to be in the competing industry as it is becoming more affordable nowadays.

One thing I especially loved about them is transparency towards their service, i.e., there are no sneaky fees, renewal charges remain the same as when purchased the first time.

Did You Know?

If you buy their hosting plan, you’ll get a free domain for a lifetime, whereas Bluehost offers it for one year.

FastComet secures your website with BitNinja protection Technology against XSS, DDoS, malware, script injection, and other attacks.

So you don’t need to worry about the hacking of your website.

When it comes to support, they are genuinely cooperative in that too. So, you don’t have to wait for hours when you need help.

If you need immediate help, then you can use their phone support or live chat support.

One of the most fantastic things is that it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee while BlueHost offers 30-days.

Remarkable Features Of FastComet -

  • Free GlobalSign SSL
  • Free Private DNS
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Website Transfer
  • BitNinja Server Security
  • Free Domain For Lifetime
  • Daily Nightly Backup
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in FastCloud?

FastComet comes with three shared hosting plans FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra.

If you’re a startup company or a blogger, you can go with the budget-friendly FastCloud Plan and where you’ll receive 15GB SSD Space and monthly visitors upto 25,000.

The next is FastCloud Plan, where you’ll receive 25GB SSD Space and monthly visitors upto 50,000. This plan is for those who are having a tremendous amount of traffic on their website.

At last, It’s a premium plan named FastCloud Extra. In this plan, you’ll get a huge 100,000 monthly visitors credit and 35GB SSD Space plus a RocketBooster, which increases the website’s loading speed extremely fast.

How FastCloud is better than BlueHost



Bluehost3.8 / 53.8 / 5
FastCloud4.7 / 54.8 / 5

FastComet is the cheap wordpress hosting and user-friendly web hosting that every new blogger can begin with this hosting service.

Your website is always under the supervision of BitNinja server protection and makes your website malicious free.

They provide superior value for money features such as no renewal charges, free lifetime domain, and five-layer caching optimizations Varnish, Apache, Memcached, APC, and OPcache.

It is the Best Bluehost alternative that offers every need and deed for a new startup company or blogger in budgeted pricing.

6. Cloudways Hosting (Reliable and Scalable Hosting)

cloudways web hosting picture

If you’re looking for best Bluehost Alternatives PLUS a cloud-based web hosting service with affordability and great features, then Cloudways hosting is the best choice without any doubts.

It offers fully managed website hosting and pretends there will be no horrible WordPress hosting jumbles.

Cloudways comes with fantastic advanced features, as your website grows, you can scale your resources too, which will be helpful in speed, performance, and security of the website.

It offers a custom control panel that gives you various options for customization.

If you are just starting, you can sign up for a 3-day free trial to test their service.

As you know that WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source CMS (Content Management System), therefore, the chances of hackers are numerous. 

So with that, keep in mind Cloudways use a dedicated firewall to protect your website.

Remarkable Features Of Cloudways -

  • 5 Cloud Providers
  • 24/7 Live support
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • Breeze Cache Plugin
  • Cloudways Built-in CDN
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 99.99% Average Uptime
  • Furiously Fast Servers

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in Cloudways?

Cloudways comes with top 5 cloud-based web hosting providers:

  1. DigitalOcean
  2. Linode
  3. VULTR
  4. AWS
  5. Google Cloud

If you’re starting your online business, then you can go with their basic plans under DigitalOcean and Linode.

However, if you think your website is getting huge traffic and need some more pro features, then you can go with solid plans under AWS or Google Cloud.

In Cloudways you can pay charges as monthly or hourly basis. Here are the pricing lists below. 

Now you might be thinking of that Why i can’t go directly to buy web hosting from these five companies at a lower price?

So you need to remember that All setting up work will be from your side and if you are stuck somewhere in the techie part you might be looking for support then there will be no support for you.

I recommend you to buy from Cloudways, and it will make you free from the trouble of doing techie tasks.

If you want to test their services, then you can take advantage of a Free three-day trial.

How Cloudways is better than BlueHost



Bluehost3.8 / 53.5 / 5
Cloudways4.5 / 54.1 / 5

Cloudways offers various cloud service providers which give you the flexibility to pick the best service for yourself.

So that’s why it comes in our list of best Bluehost Alternatives.

The best thing about them is that if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t want to have a monthly plan, then you can select an hourly basis plan to enjoy their services.

Cloudways collects payment through credit card and PayPal. If you don’t like service, then you can ask for a refund for unused funds within three months.

It is suitable for those who are looking for a budget-friendly ecosystem for your website.

If you aren’t sure if Cloudways will be right for you or not?

So, just buy their web hosting plan then take three days free trial and afterwards, examine how their service is performing on your website.

If you are going to purchase, then I recommend you to go for the basic plan(DigitalOcean and Linode) and if your website has massive traffic then go for premium one(AWS or Google Cloud) to get pro features.

7. Inmotion Hosting (Cheapest Hosting For Beginners)

inmotion hosting web hosting picture

InMotion Hosting is a famous US-based company for over than years. It performs very well in the four significant fields of Uptime, speed, security, and support.

Inmotion Hosting claims that they are maintaining an average uptime of 99.97%, which is quite impressive.

You can install 400 apps and unlimited emails in 1-click. It supports broadly used languages such as PHP, Ruby, and MySQL.

Inmotion Hosting offers a custom security application named as Smartwall Threat Defense System, or TDS will protect your website from hackers.

Their customer support is delightfully pleasant. They hardly take 2 minutes to connect with a live agent and professionally resolve your query.

If you aren’t happy with their live chat, you can contact them with various other options like email, phone contact, and Skype.

Remarkable Features Of Inmotion Hosting-

  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Bandwidth
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Free Private SSL Certificate
  • Free Daily Backups Available
  • 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Above-Average Uptime of 99.95%

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in Inmotion Hosting?

Inmotion Hosting offers three plans Launch, Power, and Pro.

If you are starting your blogging journey, you can go with the Launch Plan to host two domains.

And if your website is having a massive amount of traffic and wants to add more domains, you can go with the Power and Pro plan.

In the power plan, you’ll get 2x performance speed while in the pro plan, you’ll get 4x performance speed and pro-level support.

How Inmotion Hosting is better than Bluehost



Bluehost3.8 / 53.5 / 5
Inmotion4.3 / 54.3 / 5

Inmotion Hosting is a perfect selection for start-up bloggers and best Bluehost Alternatives web hosting for small business at a very affordable price.

I have seen lots of hosting providers, but the features Inmotion web hosting is providing are remarkable and impressive at a low price.

So if you think you’re on a tight budget, this hosting provider is for you to start a blog today.

8. InterServer (Reliable & Fair BlueHost Alternative)

interserver web hosting picture

Interserver is providing web hosting services for the past 21 years. However, technology has evolved, but its main origins, quality, service, and support remained the same.

As you already know, if your website is delaying loading, then it can impact your business sales very profoundly.

So with that, keep in mind.

InterServer loads your website quickly in just milliseconds, and it uses a custom security feature called InterShield Protection, which can keep your site always protected from the hackers.

InterShield automatically blacklists the bad IPs request. Beneath cPanel, all accounts are autonomous, which means not a single account can view the files, process, or memory.

Its customer support is entirely operative and always ready to solve your queries immediately in a professional manner.

If you think you aren’t satisfied with their service, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days money-back guarantee anytime.

I am pretty sure your thinking will change after viewing the impressive features below.

Remarkable Features Of InterServer-

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Ultra SSD Storage
  • Average 99.97% Uptime
  • Free Website Migration
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Emails
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Nightly Daily BackUp

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in InterServer?

InterServer offers a single plan where you’ll get unlimited storage, data transfers, and FTP accounts to organize your website.

How InterServer is better than Bluehost

Bluehost3.4 / 53.5 / 5
InterServer4.2 / 54.8 / 5

InterServer is an ideal hosting service for newbie bloggers, small businesses, and online stores.

If you’re looking for a reliable and fast hosting service, you can choose InterServer without any worries.

It offers plans ranging from beginner level to expert level and provides you with all beneficiary features to get started.

InterServer reliable Uptime and fast loading, you can relax and ensure your site will always be accessible and ranked highly on the search engine.

For those looking for an affordable Bluehost Alternatives, this is the best deal they can pick.

9. NameCheap (Budgeted Bluehost Alternative)

namecheap web hosting picture

Most people know NameCheap as a domain registrar company, but as far as their company grew up, they began providing web hosting services.

It provides the best budget and value for money hosting services, and Presently, they are having 3 million domains hosted on their platform.

NameCheap offers 99.99% uptime, which is regular in the industry. If your hosting is down for some reason, they provide you with a refund as per the hourly basis.

The support system of NameCheap is through live chat and ticketing. It doesn’t provide any phone support, which can be a problem if you need immediate assistance.

NameCheap Hosting provides excellent value for its steady features. 

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can ask for a refund anytime within the period if you think it’s not accurate for you.

Remarkable Features Of NameCheap-

  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Positive SSL Certificate
  • Free Namecheap’s CDN
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Average Uptime 99.99%
  • Secure backup and restore tool
  • 24/7 Customer support

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in NameCheap?

NameCheap offers three valuable plans Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business.

If you are starting your online business, you should go with a stellar plan where you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and three websites to host.

The next plan they offer is Stellar Plus and Stellar Business. This plan is for those who are running an extensive business company with a vast amount of traffic.

How NameCheap is better than Bluehost

Bluehost 3.7 / 5 3.5 / 5
Greengeeks 4.1 / 5 4.9 / 5

NameCheap provides the best user-friendly hosting with excellent features.

If you’re starting a small website for your online business and having a tight budget, NameCheap is the most suitable choice and one of the best Bluehost Alternatives.

There are thousands of web hosting companies, but when it comes to features, they provide low-cost functions. Nobody can offer at this price range.

So Why are you waiting? Take advantage of a fully-loaded value for money hosting package at an affordable price.

BONUS: SiteGround Hosting (Beast Bluehost Alternative)

siteground web hosting picture

Siteground is the fastest-growing company. It provides better customer support than Bluehost.

In recent data, Siteground is servicing more than 2,000,000 domains hosted on their server worldwide.

Siteground Hosting never compromises with speed and performance. It offers a c-panel to manage your hosting account and some of the best in house crafted tools such as SuperCacher and NGINX Direct Delivery technology to optimize your website speed and increase the number of hits a site can handle.

Besides, it supports Magento, WordPress, Joomla, and many more.

Remarkable Features Of SiteGround-

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • One-click Staging Environment
  • Blazingly Speed Super Cacher
  • Skillful Customer Support

Which Pricing Plan should you go for in SiteGround?

Siteground offers three shared hosting Plan StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. If you are starting your blogging journey, you can go with a startup plan that offers 10,000 Visits Monthly.

If you are planning to buy GrowBig Plan with some pro features like staging, speed-boosting cache, and 25000 monthly visits, then please make a move.

At last GoGeek Plan, this plan is basically for high traffic websites. It offers premium features like white-label for the client, Git Control System, and priority support.

How SiteGround is better than Bluehost

Bluehost 2.6 / 5 3.4 / 5
SiteGround 4.9 / 5 4.7 / 5

SiteGround is the best bluehost alternatives if you are looking to manage your blog as a business because they deliver topmost website speed and performance.

If you have a high traffic website, then the siteground will never make you upset.

So if you’re facing any lousy experience with Bluehost, then don’t waste your valuable time & money invested in it. Grab this excellent opportunity to shift your site to Siteground with Free WP migration quickly.

Which Hosting Do We Suggest as Best Bluehost Alternatives?

It’s a very crucial step in the blogging journey. If you aren’t choosing the right hosting for your blog, it may cause several difficulties, such as website loading speed, security, and many more.

Always choose the right hosting for your blog when you are going to start a blog.

It would be best to consider some essential things (Reliability, Pricing, User Friendly, Support, and Features) before choosing the right hosting for your blog.

So, I have reviewed above all web hosting with these innovative items.

Greengeeks is best Bluehost Alternatives from the above web hosting list because it provides top-rated hosting, security, and support at an economical price.

Why do I recommend this web hosting to you?

The idea behind is that plans of Greengeeks are reasonable and the best Bluehost Alternatives web hosting for wordpress.

They provide every required feature, such as Genuine Support, Free Domain, Free CDN, 99.99% Average Uptime, 445ms Loading Time, Free SSL, Daily Nightly Backup, and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

And Greengeeks servers work on high-performance quad-core processors and Solid-State Drive Accelerated RAID-10, which performs your website loading fast and securely.

If it’s a security concern, then Greengeeks will take care because its server is under supervision 24/7 and making sure to secure your website from hacking attempts.

Greengeeks take nightly backup for your safety. It offers one free restoration per month. However, any new restore may charge you.

Excellent Customer support is essential for a web hosting company that’s why Greengeeks understand this very well, and they support you on various platforms like email, phone, and live chat.

Do you know?

If you contact them via email, then your waiting time will be only 15-20 minutes, that’s quite impressive.

On the other hand, many web hosting providers take 1-3 business days to solve your problem.

So if you are migrating your website or looking for a host, give a try to Greengeeks.

And I am 100% sure you’ll love their service.

FAQ Related To Bluehost Alternatives 2021

Q1 Where should I host my website?

You can host on various web hosting companies Greengeeks, A2 Hosting, and FastComet.

Q2 Which is the cheapest best Bluehost Alternatives?

Greengeeks is the best Bluehost Alternatives. When it's about affordability with innovative features.

Q3 How much does it cost to host a website?

If you're planning to buy shared hosting, it's usually cheap around $3 -$7 per month, while in the case of Cloud Hosting, it can cost you around $10 - $20 per month. Every plan is different from each other, so choose your strategy wisely.

Q4 Which is better, Bluehost or Greengeeks?

Greengeeks is better than BlueHost. It's because of the best customer support. It's not about the support. It is knocking Bluehost in uptime, user-friendly, and pricing also.

Q5 Which server location is best to host?

Mostly bloggers undervalue this option. It's a very critical decision in blogging. Always choose the nearest server location where you want to target your audience.


I have chosen nine best providers for research, and The best i have got is listed down below as the best Bluehost alternatives:

  • Greengeeks – offers the best economical price & features
  • A2 Hosting – provides the most solid uptime & support
  • HostGator – offers best budget-friendly pricing
  • DreamHost – No need to pay Extra Cost for Renewal
  • FastComet – offers an innovative range of features.
  • Cloudways – provides the most affordable cloud-based hosting
  • Inmotion Hosting – a wide range of plans with stable features
  • InterServer – offers discounted plans for beginners to expert
  • NameCheap – offers user-friendly features and budget plans
  • SiteGround – offers all-rounder service with great support

If you confused about picking the right hosting for your website, then i highly recommend you go with Greengeeks as Bluehost alternatives because the features they are providing are very premium, such as WordPress Hosting Experts for support, 99.99% uptime is wonderful, and it offers the best security as i told you earlier.

If you’re still not convinced with Greengeeks, you can go with FastComet, which is also the best alternative where you don’t have to pay any extra penny for renewal, and its customer support isn’t too stingy.

Let me know below in the comment section what is your top priority to choose a web hosting. I’ll love to hear from your side.

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