How to buy the cheapest email hosting service and set it up via

Do you want to create a professional email address for your business account? You can get started with the to get a business email. provides the cheapest email hosting, so you can host your emails with your domain name. 

You can buy a new domain name using the or continue with an existing domain. 

Why Do You Need A Custom Domain Email Address?

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You must have often received emails from Gmail or other email providers with unknown names. When you receive such emails, you are not sure whether to open them or not. 

Since anyone can register for a free Gmail account, it’s easy to spam. This results in emails landing in spam folders and then into Junk.

If you don’t want the same thing to happen, you need to switch to a business email. 

With a business email, your emails won’t land in the spam folder of your potential customers. 

You can easily establish your brand identity and earn customers’ trust with a business email. 

At, you can register a domain name and get a free email account. Alternatively, you can buy email hosting starting from $1 and set up your business email account.

How To Get Started With Cheap Email Hosting Service and Set up via SeekaPanel?

You can register and set up your custom domain email address in under a minute. 

First, choose any plan and click on Get Started. 

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If you are registering for the first time, click on Sign up. 

Enter your first name, last name, and email address, and set up your password. Then click on Create New Account.

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You are now logged into your dashboard. Before creating a custom email address, the very thing is to verify your account. Check your email for a verification link. 

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On the left side of the panel, locate Email Hosting and click Create New Email. 

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You can now see different email hosting plans, so choose one click one Choose plan. I have chosen a $1 per month plan.

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Enter your address, check your email and click on Continue to Subscribe.

Next, choose the payment method, either card or PayPal. Enter the details and click on Order Now.

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Once your order is complete, you can set up your custom domain email address.

Check your email for payment confirmation.

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How To Set up a Custom Email Address with SeekaPanel?

To set up your email address, go to Email Hosting, and click on Create New Email.

Now enter any of your existing domain names or register a new one. I already have registered domains at SeekaHost, so I will use one.

Click on Use This Domain.

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Next, You will be asked to create an email by choosing the subscription model. So click the subscription model, and then click on create.

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In one click, your domain email is created and active.

You will receive an email with your mailbox credentials. 

image 3

image 2

Now click on the Action button and then click on Create Mailbox.

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Enter the mailbox name like [email protected] and set a password.

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As you can see below that your mailbox is created.

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To log in to your mail, simply click on Webmail, and enter your email address and password that you had created. 

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This is what your professional email dashboard looks like. It is simple to use with a clean interface.

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But you won’t receive emails till you set up the MX records. If your domain is registered with, then go to domains.

Inside the Domain settings, go to DNS management and click on Enable.

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Now add the DNS zone records.

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In the address/hostname, edit with actual domain like like shown below. 

In the Subdomain, add * and set the Priority as 0. Finally click on Save Changes.


If your domain is registered elsewhere and hosted on Cloudflare, you need to change the MX records in Cloudflare.

mx records

Now let’s log in to the webmail and test the email.

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You can get the cheapest email hosting service at starting at $1 per month. There are four different email hosting plans. 

Personal: $1 per month

This is a fundamental email hosting package offering one mailbox and 5 GB of storage. 

Startups: $3 per month

This plan is the best for startups with more mailbox and storage requirements. The plan offers 3 mailboxes and 15 GB of email storage space.

Business: $10 per month

The plan starts at $10 per month with 10 mailboxes and 50 GB of email storage. 

Enterprise: $20 per month

The plan offers 20 mailboxes and 100 GB of email storage. This plan is for large enterprises. 

Top Reasons to Choose, the cheapest email hosting service

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  • Easy to use interface to set up your email account via the SeekaPanel. 
  • Only $1/month.
  • Create your unique customized email address that reflects your brand identity. 
  • Four different packages with different storage spaces and mailboxes.
  • All your emails are private and secured.
  • No tracking or advertisement to distract you from your work.
  • A personalized email helps you establish your brand and build trust with your customers. 
  • One-click domain registration, WordPress installation, SSL activation, and more. 
  • Manage your custom domain email from anywhere by connecting it with other email providers. Email Hosting Pros and Cons


  • Up to 100 GB of email storage. 
  • Anti-spam protection for the security of your email. 
  • POP 3, IMAP, and Webmail supported.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • No ads and complete privacy for your emails. 
  • No upfront or additional costs. Only monthly billing. 
  • Round-the-clock expert support.


  • At such a low, there is no drawback. But other alternatives like Zoho Mail offer free business email with 5 GB storage.


As you can see, it is pretty simple and easy to set up a custom domain email using the SeekaPanel. I hope this tutorial helped you create a professional email address for your domain. 

At a $1 per month email hosting service, SeekaHost is the best choice to host your email address.

Abizer Izzy