How To Choose A Profitable Blog Niche (301+ Tested Niche Ideas)

If you’re starting a blog in 2021 from scratch, First, you need to find out the blog niches that make money.

Choosing your right niches isn’t tricky. It will help if you look inside yourself to find it.

So answer me a straightforward question.

What are your interests in life?

It can be any hobby like gaming, travelling, cooking, reading, etc.

If you haven’t figured out, you need to recognize the most profitable blog niches for you.

Here I’ll share some advice for finding blog ideas that make money.

Let’s dive in!

What exactly is a niche?

A niche is a topic where bloggers write content on their blogs to read.

Before we start with our process for finding your blogging niche, Let’s first understand the basics.

If you are a newbie in the blogging industry, then it’ll be beneficial for you.

You must probably see three core niches in the blogging industry: Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

three core markets

If you don’t believe me,

Most bloggers choose submarkets like Real Estate, Investments, Bodybuilding, Diet food, Weight loss, dating, relationship, etc.

So I can give many blogs examples. The list is endless.

I think you have got an idea of a list of various niches.

Why having a specific niche essential overall?

Most of the newbie’s bloggers one question pops up in their mind that why is it necessary to have a specific niche.

If you want an answer to this, then you need to know the various niche advantages.

Targeted Monetization — Choosing a specific niche will be more comfortable for you and your readers also. The readers will be accurate so that you can promote your service and product.

Know Your Audience You need to know what your audience wants and how you can help them in a similar niche.

Drive Traffic — If you blog in any specific niche, you can make your reader’s attention to visit your site because you’re talking about a particular niche.

Improve Search Visibility — If you’re starting your blog, it’ll be essential to learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Also, if you’ll stick to a specific niche, then your topic relevance will also boost.

Marketing Strategies — Marketing also plays a vital role in blogging like SMM(social media marketing), PPC(Pay per click). It would be best if you’re planning a niche while considering these factors.

Recognizing Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

If you haven’t identified your niche, then this can help you to understand better.

In the Blogging industry, the core market plays a huge role, and if you understand the core market, you can discover a submarket.

If you understood the submarket, this is not where you’ll find your targeted customers.

The submarket is too broad. Have you ever heard the famous quote – The Riches are in Niches.

So it would be best if you think twice how you could fit in a submarket.

Core market sub market niches micro niches

Let’s go further and find profitable niches in the market.

Understanding Your Targeted Readers

If you want to find a perfect blog niche, you can start with one of the three core markets.

You need to find one core market in which you’re an expert.

So it can be anything like personal experience, achievements, and businesses.

Let’s take an example for a better understanding.

Suppose you have knowledge about buying stocks, and your friends take advice from you for better returns.

So You better go with the Investing submarket underneath the Wealth core market.

Most successful bloggers use the same strategies to find their niche.

So you better go with the same strategy.

If you’re a newbie blogger and not have confidence in yourself, then don’t get demotivated. 

Be You and Be Bold

Every successful blogger has passed through this phase, and that’s why they achieve their goals.

Submarket System in Industry

After choosing your submarket, now let’s do some SEO keyword research on it.

There are lots of paid and free keyword research tools. But here I am choosing SemRush as an example.

Let’s assume you’re interested in the diet food submarket.

Now you need to fill your keyword “diet food” at the top of the search bar and press the search button.

SEMrush Enter a Keyword

The Keyword Analytics page will open, and there you’ll get loads of data about the specific keyword suggestions you searched.

SEMrush Keyword Overview

You can see the details in an above screenshot like keyword volume, difficulty, CPC(Cost per click), Related searches keyword, and many more.

If you scroll down, you’ll find the SERP(Search Engine Results Page) Analysis.

SEMrush Organic Search Results

You can see the result of Top 10 website rankings on this keyword discovery out of 4,100,000,000 searches.

It is time to analyze at least ten websites, and then you can have a better understanding of the submarket system.

When visiting your top ten websites, then you need to keep in mind the following learnings-

Monetization Method– If you need to find a niche from the submarket, check how websites monetized like product/service sale, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

Article Coverage- You need to examine what type of content they share and note them in your notebook.

SILO Structure- You need to understand the website architecture ( or SEO silo ) where you’ll organize your post and pages under a similar topic.

Now Let’s move ahead and keep in mind to note down all your learning stuff.

Examining Micro Niche

This step is crucial, where you need to know why every successful blogger uses micro-niches on their website.

Now you own loads of potential blog niches ideas.

But we haven’t discussed monetization, which is your main goal for blogging.

Niches fit a pattern like this:

Core Market -> Submarket -> Niche -> Micro Niche

The submarket is tinier than the core market, and niches are smaller than the submarket.

Now the main game begins.

Micro Niches are even shorter than niches.

Carving Out a Niche

Niches focus on the types of product, but micro-niches hold to a single product.

Let’s take an example for a better understanding.

The micro-niche focuses on the particular topic/product. John Romaniello is a famous fitness blogger where he teaches about muscle building, Intermittent Fasting, etc.

John Romaniello Fitness

Micro Niches are less competitive and where every person has a huge chance to start a blog.

Since micro niches are for the particular topic/product and most people, get attracted and ready to purchase.

The only disadvantage for the micro-niche is that it’ll be limited to the particular product.

If you’re planning to start with a particular micro-niche, it’s good to support your blogging career at the earliest stage.

Later on, if you become successful, then you can start with the more prominent niche blog.

If you need to know some particular micro niches ideas, you need to find the best skill in yourself.

So it can be a hobby, talent, and any specific work.

If you still haven’t figured it out, you need some Research tools and websites.

I’ll be listing five awesome websites to find your profitable niche.


Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and it’s a great place to find your red hot niches.

So using amazon, you can do affiliate marketing.

Now let’s head over to Amazon and then click on the three-line menu.

Amazon Departments

Now a slide menu appears, and you’ll find all departments where you can find loads of niches.

But Wait for a second,

One question comes in your mind. Aren’t these submarkets not niches?

Let me make you clear. Yes, these are submarkets, and if you want niches, then click on the particular submarket.

Amazon Computers

So in my case, I clicked on the “Computer Department.” 

After that, you’ll be able to see the entire listing of niches.

Amazon Departments Lists

If you can’t find your suitable niche and want to go with a micro-niche?

I have a solution for this also.

Once you click on any niche of the computer department and let’s assume I clicked on the “Data Storage.”

Amazon Computers micro niches

So on the left-hand side, you can see the listing below the Data Storage like “External Hard Drives,” “Floppy & Tape Driver,” “USB Flash Drives” and more. These all are micro-niches.

If you want a quick look at the whole submarket listings, click on the menu and search “full store directory.

The whole list showed to you at one spot.

Amazon Departments Page

BOOM Now, you’ll imagine that seeking for a niche is an easygoing task. If you know how to find and where to find it?

If you loved this method, then I have another way also to find your niche.


Flippa is a great marketplace to sell your websites.

In Flippa, we can examine what sort of websites are selling to identify what niches are profitable.

Flippa research niches

In Flippa, we can examine what sort of websites are selling to identify what niches are profitable.

Flippa is not just a great place to sell websites only, but it’s a gold mine tool for bloggers to research the niches.

How to find niches on flippa?

The trick is to find niches in flippa, so you have to search those websites that have sold for a large amount of money.

If someone can make money online from that niche and then sell it for a hefty price to another person, you can imagine How enormous potential there will be in that niche.

First, go to the Flippa and then click on the “website” button, and then the list of entire websites will be open.

Flippa Monthly Profit

In the left-hand side menu, you’ll find the option of “monthly profit,” changing it to “$1,000 to $10,000″ (set it maximum) to make sure that you’re choosing a high authority website with income evidence.

Let’s assume if you want to see websites of affiliate marketing, then choose the “Blog” option from the Website types and click “recently sold” from the Status option.

Flippa Just Sold

Now you’ll be able to see the list of recently sold websites.

Here you can play around with filters. You can sort the listing “highest to lowest price,” “most profitable” and more.

My research got the result of many websites below:

So this is a unique method to search a profitable niche.

Do you know that this method is known to fewer peoples?


Another excellent platform to find your niche. This website lists magazines and publications on sale.

If your topic has magazines available for sale, then it’ll be very beneficial for you.

Do you know?

Big organizations don’t publish unprofitable niches because it’ll hurt their business.

So This means you’ll surely get a profitable niche.

Here you have to first click on the “All Categories” tab.


Then a drop-down menu will appear with all sub-categories.

Now click on your interested topic.

Here I have chosen the “parenting” sub-category.

Magazines Parenting lists

It brings up a massive list of magazines for the subscription.

Here what i found some blog topics list for the selected sub-category.

  • raising teenagers
  • parenting a teenager
  • single parent advice
  • dating for single parents
  • child discipline
  • disciplining children

The list goes on.

So here, each sub-category shown is a profitable niche.

Google Wildcard Search

This method is also unique, and most people don’t know about this method.

So firstly go to google and type your niche in the search bar, i.e., “bluetooth earphones for iphone” and after keyword “*” (i.e. “bluetooth earphones for iphone *”)

Google WildCard Method

Google wildcard method brings up vast ideas that you’ll never expect.

With this method, Google suggests loads of niche very quickly.

Give a try and once you find your niche, note them in your notebook before you forget them.

The list isn’t over yet.

Google Trends

Google Trend is another excellent platform for discovering niches.

It shows the hot search-term of the day/month/year, and you can get popular search trends and niches.

Go to first and search any related keyword to your submarket.

Google Trend

Here I am using ”home color” as a keyword and then click on the search button. Now scroll down, and it’ll show you the Related Topics and queries.

You got a bunch of micro-niches ideas under the “Related Topics” tab, and you can dig more of the micro-niche from the list.

Google Trends Home Color Report

For example, I have chosen “LED strip light” from the related topic.

If you click on this topic, then you can explore this topic too.

Google Trend LED Strip Light

So try this tool, and you’ll end up finding a useful niche for you.

So let’s move to our next step.

FAQ: How To Choose a Profitable Niche with Interest

As a newbie blogger, you should focus on picking the right niche for you.

If you’re doing blogging while seeing others earning money in the niche.

Then you are making a big mistake, and this can cost you hundreds of dollars in loss.

So Why don’t you sit to relax and start looking for your niche from the above website list i have shared for you to pick your profitable niche.

If you have chosen the right niche, then I have some questions for you.

Question 1: Do you have an interest in it?

Before deciding a niche, it would be best if you have an interest in it. 

Interest is most important because if you start writing on your favorite topic, you’ll never feel tired.

It is not just about interest only. To stand out your blog, you need to have superior content, and for creating content, you need to be good at the decided topic.

Question 2: Are there other people who want to read about this topic?

There is always one person who’ll be interested in your blog’s niche. Now you need to figure out how you can execute other people to follow your blog.

So how do you know that your blog niche has an audience?

The most obvious way to begin is by using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool. This tool lets you know the keyword audience traffic.

Firstly You have Register a free account or login it and then enter a topic in the search box. 

Here I am using the “leather boots for men” as a topic.

Choose your targeted country, but here I’ll leave it as the United States.

After that, click on the “Get Results” button.

Google Ads

You can see Organic traffic in the related keyword list. It’s a good number of around 10k – 100k monthly traffic, and under you can see more keyword ideas as per your topic requirement.

So now if you’re interested in this keyword, then you already know that it’s high in the competition. So try to sort it from low to high and use low competition keywords to rank faster.

Which topic you’re searching for, and how much traffic in that keyword?

Let me know in the comment section.

Question 3: Can I make money from this niche?

It would be best if you answered these two question first:

Do you own knowledge of that niche?

Is other people are also interested as you are. 

Answer these questions to yourself.

Now it’s time to know whether you can make money from your niche.

If you are smart, you can make some money from your niche as long as you have your readers.

But there are top money making blogs which perform intelligently.

If you want to make money intelligently, then you need to do some hard work, and here hard work means more research.

Yes, You have heard right that you need to give your dedication to that niche.

Now let’s find out how other blog topics that make the most money in your niche.

Your first step is to open some successful popular personal blogs in your niche.

Now go through them and find what they are doing.

  • They are displaying text ads, banner ads, or any sponsored ad in their blog.
  • They are writing on a particular product and placing their link.
  • They are selling services like consulting and e-book.
  • They are doing Email Marketing.

You’ll get some idea of how they are monetizing their blog, and you can also implement it.

the blonde abroad

Kiki is the founder of “the blonde abroad,” and she is a travel blogger.

So she is selling some travel products as well as showing ads. You can easily see some monetization options on the homepage only.

That’s it!

Learning can never stop, and if you want to learn more, then you can look at some online learning resources that can improve your knowledge.

Question 4: Is there a blog niche generator tool?

Yes, why not. You can generate your niche blogging ideas with some seo tools.

There could be many Brainstorming Niche Generator tools, but here i preferred to use this Free keyword tool. is the tool where you can explore your niche in just seconds, and it pulls data from the top search engines platform like Google, bing, yahoo, youtube, amazon, and ebay.


First, you need to enter any interesting keyword, and then you have to click on the search button.

Its quiet, fast service they are providing, and you don’t have to wait for loading up the results. Everything displayed in just seconds.

KeySearch Results

Pro Tip: Always use Long-tail keywords for targeting.

This tool is quite useful for Affiliate and Amazon marketers because they don’t have to go through every single website to hunt for niches.

So this tool extracts niches ideas straight from the retailer’s websites like amazon and ebay.

Question 5: Are your targeted niche readers ready to spend bucks?

Finally, this question is most valuable for your blog niche.

So answer this simple question that the service or content you’re providing in your blog. 

Is anyone providing it with more value or for free?

If your answer is yes, then your blog might be selling tough in your niche.

Those who are doing affiliate marketing for them their first aim is to do proper keyword research with CPC(Cost per click) and KD(Keyword Difficulty)

If you’re blogging on the niche in which CPC and KD metrics are zero, it might give you results.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Always try to find a niche where competition is low. In this way, your targeted readers will be ready to spend some bucks on your blog.

Profitable Niche Ideas in Submarket

Nowadays, Selecting a niche isn’t a tough job, but picking the profitable niche is very difficult.

So here I’ll go through some core markets niches ideas.

Let’s dive right in.

Health Core Market

Health plays a significant role in everyone’s life, and it’s also a never-ending core market.

The global healthcare market is estimated worth $10 Trillion, and it is higher than every country except China and the U.S.

In this niche, the traffic is enormous, and the scope is excellent.

The extraordinary thing in the health niche is that you don’t have to be a guru or a certified professional. If you have any certification in this niche, it’ll create a good impression infront of your audience.

But if you don’t own any certification and are passionate about researching, you can grow in this niche without any title.

There are plenty of profitable niches, and micro-niche comes in the category of the health core market.

#1 Weight Loss

This problem arises in mostly childrens and as well as adults also.

Our body weight specifies the volume of energy that we take in as food and the amount of energy we consume in our day’s activities.

Here childrens and adults are our primary recipient keyword, and the targeted readers will be their parents.

There are many ways to make money blogging, but most bloggers monetize blog through selling their products, healthy eating guides, and promoting products like e-book and supplements with Affiliate links.

Amazon Fitnesss Books

You can see above the listed e-books related to weight loss for childrens and adults. Amazon Affiliate is the best monetization method to start with this niche.

#2 Stress Management

Stress is a situation wherever every person faces in their daily life. The person can be a business owner, employees, students, entrepreneurs, parents.

You can target audience here, mainly business owners, and you can support a person who is looking for career growth.

But How to make money online in this niche?

Most of the bloggers sell e-books in this niche and make money.

My opinion is you can sell some amazon products like Portable massager, Acupressure mat and gel mask.

Lori Deschene ebooks

Lori Deschene is also a stress management expert blogger, and she is selling stress management e-books on her website.

If you visit her website, then you get to know more related sub-niches.

#3 Skincare

In this blog, you can cover the top blogging topics of remedies like skin rashes and warts. This blog will educate its readers on how you can take care of your skin with some recommending skincare products.

Skincare niche is most famous for the womens, and you can target them as your audience, and try to help them by sharing valuable tips on skincare. 

You can do monetization by sharing some products like Purifying Cleanser, Night Cream, and Face Mask.

Mary Helen Leonard

Mary Helen Leonard is Editor and Primary Author of a skincare blog. Mary sells some products on her blog, like natural beauty ingredients, body care craft kits, and more. 

If you visit her blog, you’ll get more ideas related to this niche.

#4 Reproductive Health

It’s a kind of niche blog where your primary focus will be mothers and the state of being a mother.

In this niche, you can share facts about baby health, child development, Pregnancy, and many more mother related problems.

Leah Campbell experienced Reproductive health blogger, and she shares articles on high demand blog topics like infertility, adoption, and overall health and wellness.

She had published her first book on the topic of Infertile Female.

The main idea is to share is that you can also publish a book or e-book on the similar topic on Amazon and other platforms with some additional research.

So publishing a book or e-book is a great idea that can give you an enormous scope for personal branding.

#5 Fitness Professionals

If you’re a work out freak and love to shape your body, then you are the best person who can make money with this niche, and you can consider yourself a fitness guru.

You can share multiple information about weightlifting, cardiovascular exercise, Build muscle, burn fat, and other services.

If you want to have your audience attraction towards yourself, then share your personalized workout plans.

Recently BuzzSumo shows a massive amount of shares for the fitness topic in popular social media sites(Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest). You can quickly get an idea of how much scope in this niche on the internet.


You can see the popularity and demand of this niche in the above image. There is not a doubt that this niche is beneficial for newbie bloggers.

Wealth Core Market

You may hear about a quote, “The Health is wealth.”

If we put some thought on this phrase, health is wealth. Firstly we need to know the value of both the words. What is health? Health is the fitness of the body, spirit, and liberty from sickness. It can be body fitness and mental fitness.

So What is wealth? Wealth is a word that derives the quantity of money, property, or other possessions—wealth matters in real life. Humanity has struggled to find money and possessions.

The wealth core market has fastened from last year since the new startup companies, bloggers, and online trading have seen significant growth.

In 2021 people are competing for more income opportunities, which can lead them to economic liberty.

Wealth niche is ever-evolving as there are many ways to earn money online, and even top bloggers haven’t covered all topics in this niche.

Let’s see some niches you should consider:

#1 Passive Income

Passive Income is a niche where you need to hustle less and earn a significant amount of money.

In this, your paycheck doesn’t count as Passive Income because for this, you have to go to work and get it.

This niche has several monetization options like an investment, rental property, and interest on a bank account. These three niche blog examples considered Passive Income because all you have to do is wait for the check to show up.

Great Passive Income Ideas

Laurie Blank is a great blogger who guides how to earn money through investing, real estate, and work from home. 

He monetizes his blog by promoting some products on his site, and as well as he is doing freelancing work of writing articles.

#2 Pay Off Debt

Some people want to start work online to fund future efforts; others do it to pay off debts.

That’s a smart idea if you choose to start to work online.

This niche is an infomercial where you can promote some affiliate products or any specific tool.

Mostly Affiliate marketers promote credit card services and do sell their e-books and online courses.

Debt Free Forties

Tana is an experienced debt niche expert. She sells her product for college students, woodworkers, book lovers, and mostly these are the affiliate products.

#3 Retirement Plan

This niche is prevalent in demand because every person will go through this phase, and most of the retired people search queries on the internet about a better retirement plan.

Mostly bloggers in this niche give in-depth directions for better ideas.

Mostly bloggers promote retirement finance programs and sell their books as a monetization in this niche. Let’s take an example of a Retirement Researcher, run by three friends Bob French, Wade Pfau, and Alex Murguia. They are just selling their books on amazon.

Retirement Researcher

#4 Online Jobs

In Today’s generation, everyone wants to start a successful business, but the challenge comes in front of every person is the absence of money.

In this situation, these niche bloggers can help out to perceive their ambitions.


Darren Rowse runs a job portal on his website where he provides jobs related to content writing, and If you visit his blog, he monetizes his blog using e-books, online courses, and podcasts.

#5 CryptoCurrency

A cryptocurrency is a digital kind of currency, which runs on blockchain technology.

It is not a centralized currency like the Dollar, Pound, and Dirham, commanded by administration such as the Central Government.

While in the case of Cryptocurrency, it’s a decentralized currency that isn’t in the hand of the central Government.

If we talk about it in easy words, Cryptocurrency is like virtual money.

This niche is likely to be a Lucrative Making money niche, and it’s less competitive because most bloggers are not informed about this niche, and they don’t pick this niche.

For monetization- you can promote some top crypto products from affiliate programs such as CryptoHopperPaxfulTrezor, and more.


Andrew runs a crypto blog where he makes people learn all things about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and he writes on the topic crypto, Bitcoin, altcoins, and much more.

Relationship Core Market

Now let’s discuss the Relationship core market, which is booming in the industry.

In this niche, there will always be an audience for relationship blogs.

We are humans who love to share their feelings with the closed one, whether it’s a closed one or a girlfriend/boyfriend. A relationship is the first concern where people connect.

Do take a look at some of the best relationship blog niches:

#1 Get Over A Breakup

In this situation, most of us go through one. Some breakups are painless and suddenly. In other cases, it could be extremely unpleasant too.

What to do next if you can’t stop imagining your loved one who has broken your heart? How do you move on?

If you think you are the right person to answer these questions, you can work in this niche.

Love And Life Tool

Lisa Brookes Kift is a relationship expert, where she shares her advice on emotional health, singlehood, and relationship problems. 

She monetizes her with online courses, consulting, and e-books related to psychological health or relationship concerns.

#2 Online Dating

As many people you observe in your daily life, one out of three people are dating online.

I was looking for a related keyword to this niche, and then I got to know about a keyword “mature dating.” The numbers are unbelievable; the search volume for this keyword is in thousands and a less competitive keyword. If you wish to work on this niche, you may proceed.

Online Dating

For monetize option, you can promote the online dating site by becoming an affiliate marketer of the top highest paying website like CupidMedia gives a commission of around $40 per sale.

Let’s take an example.

Alexis Meads

Alexis Meads is running an online dating blog. She is explicitly targeting the women audience only, and she monetizes her blog by giving live coaching.

#3 Dating Ideas

Ideas are always acknowledged, whether its for a business or a relationship. If you are right in giving better advice and opinions on Dating, you should try this niche.

Online Dating and this niche are a bit similar. You can try both niches.

If you’re thinking of that, what should i blog about in this niche?

In this niche, you can cover popular blog topics like seasonal, married, outdoor, related date ideas.

To give you an idea Amy Hartle & Nathan Hartle from two drifters promote affiliate advertising programs.

Two Drifters

You can get to know more niche ideas if you visit their blog.

#4 Wedding Speeches

Weddings are a somewhat broad blogging topic. A wedding speech is the best niche, instead of talking about a wedding in general. You can write about fashion, location, or cultural weddings.

Do you know?

Focusing on a specific niche makes your blog taste different and better in command.

Wedding Speeches

You can make it a less competitive keyword by targeting the groom, funny, ideas, or order.

There are some affiliate programs for promotion on wedding speech niche sites such as WeddingSpeech4U, Wedding Speeches For All, and loads of books from amazon you can promote on your website.

wedding speech guru

Robin Bayley runs a wedding speech blog where he gives people directions to get ready for their speech. For monetizing — he promotes amazon affiliate products, and instead of that, he offers a service as a wedding speech ghostwriter also.

#5 Death in Relatives

After losing someone close to you, it’ll be hard to find someone who can understand your pain.

This niche will help those who are looking for a little empathy or digital equivalent books on grief. 

If you want to monetize these blogs, you need to make a strategy because these blogging topics like grief and loss of loved ones are sensitive.

Let me walk you through a real-life blog example of Debbie Augenthaler marketing her book on her website.

Debbie Augenthaler Ebook

Did you notice that on her website, there are not even single ads or popups? 

In these niche blogs, the reader’s user experience truly matters, and that’s why bloggers in this niche make a Healing power with meditation naturally.

111+ Profitable Niches [Updated] - Find Your Niche Now

If you can’t figure out your niche, this may help you find your right niche.

Profitable Niches Infographic

If you got your niche from the above blog niche list, please let me know in the comment section about that niche and how you’re going to implement it.

Conclusion On How To Find A Profitable Niche

Finding a profitable niche is achievable, practicable, and if you can individually compete in, it is a crucial part of niche research marketing.

Take Your Time

There is no hurry to select a niche. It’ll be better to review some of the niches and spy the related blog on that niche, which gives a better idea for deciding your niche.

If you follow the above guide thoroughly, you’ll learn how to find your blog niche and start your online business.

I hope this guide gives you a value, and please leave a comment below if you’re having any questions regarding any niche.

And all the best for your online ventures!

Yatin Dhiman

I'm Yatin. I share my blogging tips & tutorials on WordPress, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Speed optimization, blogging tools on my website to help newbie bloggers to run their successful blog. You can connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.

Disclosure : This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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